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Originally Posted by rkicklighter View Post
I've been in a situation like this, installed by "others" where it did not work. Both converters were multi-mode, both were 1000-FX to Gigabit Copper but they would not communicate with each other.

The issue, one converter used 1350nm light and the other 850nm light. All parameter have to match including the light wavelength. If they do, it should work.
You weren't using the same standards. Right off the bat, 1000Base-FX doesn't exist. 100Base-FX does however.

If you were in the gigabit over fiber world, your 1350nm side was 1000Base-LX or 1000Base-LX10. The 850nm side was 1000Base-SX.

SX is more common, but LX can be pushed MUCH further distances, at least over single mode.
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