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Thanks for all the input. I was actually playing with advancedHMI and the Logix simulators, but getting it to talk to them is quite a pain, so I wasn't really able to mess with it too much. Plus, with all of the stuff he wants to do with data I think a paid package would be preferable.

As far as using PID controllers for each individual VAT, it is a nice option indeed, especially since I'm going to use a PID controller for temp display anyway, and as mentioned before, I don't even really need the PLC. All of the logic can be done in the SCADA for cycle times and such, however there will also be glycol chiller monitoring and integration as well, plus I'm so sure that he will find other things he wants to add as time goes on I would rather just do the logic in the PLC.

It is excellent advice to refrain from "telling a customer what he needs," and it is okay to make suggestions based on your experience as to what may work well for a customer. I think the fact that the longest distance between a vat and the control panel is less than 50 feet, and that the customer will also have mobile access to the HMI on his cell phone is a good reason to refrain from having local controls, but once again, if it is something that he really wants it is something I'm more than willing to do.

Lots of design decisions to be made here, and I'm grateful for all of the input.
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