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Originally Posted by keithkyll View Post
Not sure why you couldn't decode original program. Please post model numbers. You upload the program, add the XOB or EXOB extension to the object file, then decompile in software to create a new project. Link for the FAQ for Weintek, the OEM for most Maples. You should be able to find the same FAQ for Maple, if needed. Upload instructions start at page 4.

Found Maple version. Instructions are tech note 5057 (and 5059) under the Legacy Products here.
I tried for days to decompile the project with no success. I even looked in the file with a hex editor to see if I could find either the password or the checkbox that says "Do not decomplie" with no luck. The only thing I could find was the text messages for the alarms. We called the company that made the machine and their reply was the guy that programmed that is no longer here... I'm thinking don't you keep a file on each machine you build??? Anyway we are past that now... the machine is back up and running with a new screen I just need to figure out a few things.

The original screen program is not compatible with the new screen, we tried to just use a USB to transfer it and the new screen rejected it.


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