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No the PIC cable has been obsolete for about 10 years now. I think they stopped using about the same time XP came out. I still have one. you could only use it on a real com port and the RSLinx driver would only allow you to select com 1 or 2 and it only worked with the SCL line of processors if I remember the processor connection was DH485.

the UIC was use with the SLC and Micro 1000 series processors the processor connection is DH485 as well and RSLinx uses the DF1 drivers even though is says RS232(DH485) it only DH485 protocol.
I have had many conversations with tech support they are aware of the problems it drops the connections and some times it will not connect at all the tell me it has to do with the windows buffers and delay they have on communications.

I started using the NET_ENI a few years ago just setup a static IP address works great
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