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I think your almost there. If I remember correctly you need to give the NATR a public and private IP address. So I think in your example;

Public IP address setup for NATR
Gateway-set to router address if you have one

Private IP Address for NATR

Now to set up the route across for access to the CompactLogix

Route: (if this is this is the IP you want the Compactlogix to use on the public side) to (existing Compactlogix IP address)

Set the Compactlogix IP address to:
Gateway: (the address of the private side NATR address)

This is all from memory from a unit I set up about a year ago so I could be mistaken. From what I remember is the PLC needs to look at the NATR address the same way you would if it was router on a network. I can check my notes on Monday to verify my assumptions.

Good luck,

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