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Originally Posted by JohnCalderwood View Post
Hi NetNathan,

sorry to hijack an old thread, but I am new to this issue.

I need to add FileSelect to a running 2014R2 Application (why is it not there anyway?), so how would I do it?

Have been trawling Schneider/Aveva help pages to no avail, going round in circles, and have found 3 possibles (,, but no explanation as to the differences...maybe not even suitable for my modern application and PC hardware...
You do not see "FileSelect" as a tag, it is a function.
when you enter the "FileSelect" script, if it asks you to add FileSelect as a tag, then the add-on is not seen.
The Dll needs to be either in your InTouch application directory or the Intouch folder in the ProgramFiles (x86) folder.

Here is my button script to select file...
"V2-RunFileRead-PathDB= FileSelect ("", V2-PathRuns, "*.CSV", "V2-XXXXXX-RD.CSV");"

I have been using this function since before Intouch 7.1, and now using it on Intouch 2017.
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