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Originally Posted by JohnCalderwood View Post
Hi NetNathan,

Thanks for the info.

Aye, I know it is a function and the script is there from the 3rd party supplier which is similar to yours. When I tried to change the path to make it work, it asked me to define FileSelect.

Just I was not sure, as there were 3 zip files I found, each of which have a dll file in them
I do not want to overwrite any functionality by adding/replacing the dll file, as not sure on the different versions.

The 3rd party supplier says it is what it is, it does open a notepad window, just does not point the user to the directory where, in this case, the alarm log files reside.

I may try creating an offline copy first and try it. cheers
To get the FileSelect Add-On function,
To get it..... you will need the "WWTechSp" Add-On Function Script library. You can download from Intouch support site.

It will be a zip file with WWTechSp.wdf & WWTechSp.dll inside. These files either go in your Intouch folder or your intouch application folder.
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