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you are using FFL and FFU - I assume this is a RSlogix PLC eg SLC500 or PLC5?

What you are thinking of will work

Easier is to use the COP function and forget the FFL and FFU
If you look at the Execution time you will see that is is faster

Below written before rereading your post again and realizing that this is what you were doing in the FFL/FFU
Create a table of integers Length greater than maximum possible number of positions
Each Index pulse use COP to track each position
eg COP N7:1 N7:0 100 for 99 index positions

N7:0 is the last position on the conveyor - just about to fall off into the missed part bin
N7:100 = 0 (loading - No product onto the conveyor)

Mov 1 N7:90 to "load" part 1 onto the conveyor at position 90 from the end

Mov 2 N7:80 to "load" part 2 onto the conveyor at position 80 from the end IF N7:80 is not already 1

Use EQU N7:10 1 to detect that part number 1 is at Position 10 to unload
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