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FactoryTalk View global object in a global object

Hi, I have been using global objects and appreciate the amount of time they are saving me when developing HMI displays.

Is it possible to have a global object within a global object?

For example, I have a global menu banner that I include on each of my main displays which works fine. But what I'd like to do is have my actual menu items be global objects as well. That way if I change the look of one, it will populate to all.

I tried creating the global menu item, and I've tested it on a regular display fine, but when I drag it to my global menu banner, the menu item doesn't give me an option to define global parameters. The option is grayed out when I right click on it.

Is this permitted and I'm doing something wrong, or are nesting global objects not permitted at all?

I'm on FTV 9.0.
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