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HI Folks,

I have one of these boards that I must do something with today. The watchdog went out on this board the other day. I hooked up my old laptop to it last night and got in and found some parameters that must have reset to defaults. I went into the spare working board, did a capture of text and then set the bad board to match the working one. Appearently I missed something, as this board does not work, even though the WD light comes on. Once enabled, after a few moments, I get a fault and the WD shuts off. I'm going to try and locate info I missed.

For now, my question is as follows.

I have the Access software to configure this board. It has APPLINK, which I should be able to receive the whole application then send that application to another board. When I try to receive, I get an error, stating "time out" and MCC failed to respond. I communicate in terminal mode just fine. Any ideas on what may be preventing receiving the application from thes eboards?

Thanks in advance,
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