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WinCC Flex project in use


Might be a question for yo guys, or it might be one for the MS boards, but here goes:

We have 2 desktops, both running WinCCFlex 2005, one desktop had a certain project open. On second desktop (where project is stored) I tried to open same project, this failed obviously. Gave me error that project is already open.
Closed project on first PC, then tried again, same result.
Killed the HMIes.exe process (which always keeps running even when WinCCFlex is closed), tried again, same result.
Checked the WinXP open files, none open, neither any shared sessions.(did this on both PC's) Rebooted second PC, same result. Rebooted w/o network, same result.

Now the question: Is there any way I can force WinXP to release these files? (yes even in explorer it says files are being used)


Ok so it seems it isn't windows thats wasting my time, but WinCCFlex. On reboot you can access the files useing explorer.

I moved the files to another folder, all went well.
Opened moved files, no problem, deleted old files in old location, that went well.

Then tried to do a save as to the original location, this is where WinCC Flex started to give me problems again.

"Cannot restore the database file"- is the error it gives me now. Save to any other locations doesn't give me any problems.

So I saved to another location, then did a ctrl+a, ctrl+c, and ctrl+v in old location.

Upon opening the newly copied project I get:
"Cannot op the connection of type: ADMIN.
Try to reinstall the WinCC flexible DB Server (see Readme)"

So new question: Would you stop wasting time to get this project to open and just go ahead and reinstall WinCC flex, or go on wasting time to figure this out?

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