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The help file for [RSLogix Micro Starter Lite] makes the identical claim for MicroLogix i.e. if the [Math Overflow Selected] (S:2/14) bit is set, then any overflow will result in the truncated result being placed. Yes, I understand and agree that the emulator may not make a similar claim; but I still had a need for those 15 bits, and with the help of others I did eventually get them, from the emulator; I have also been looking into buying an 1100.

The context of all of this is a Random Number Generator, specifically a Linear Congruential Generator (cf. here); such a beast relies on getting a correct truncated result of any MULtiplicative overflows. To be sure, that "need" was obscure, for an exercise, and not for a real-world, physical application. But ultimately it had purpose - for me and those I am working with.

Re: stale phart
You seem to have taken offense: did you think I was referring to you? If so, then I apologize for not being more clear, and I can also assure you I was not referring to you; I was referring to the thread itself! Specifically, that it - the thread - seems to "hang around like a stale ..." and attract more attention than it was worth, seeing that the issue was resolved in the first half-dozen posts.

Also, and seriously, whether you respond to my posts in future or not, I apologize for the general tone of snark.

Best regards.
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