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Originally Posted by OkiePC View Post
I have used a lot of Creonics and early AB/Creonics Max controllers. The watchdog timeout is usually caused by a hardware failure, but a poorly designed application program can cause it to timeout also. I still have a few machines using a MAX Control motion controller that is programmed with Accel. I have one machine that was programmed with GML v 3.9.1. The Max control has been virtually bulletproof. We hadn't even had to connect to one in over ten years unitl a few days ago. I found out for sure that Accel and GML 3.9.1 will not communicate when installed with windows 2000. We have an old win95 laptop stashed away for this very reason.

A/B bought Creonics and put their wrapper on its Max Control calling it the S-Class IMC. Over the years they've changed the firmware may times and added features etc. Most of what A/B has done is okay, but they screwed up the auto tune function, which works very well in a Max Control, but is virtually useless in S-Class and 1394 controllers. A/B did make the controllers much easier to communicate with and troubleshoot with the introduction of GML and GML Commander. (Commander does not support the older Max Controls.)

You can still find a lot of help by calling AB tech support. I have even gotten them to send me manuals that are not available on the web.

Does the motion controller have a name on it? I don't recognize the part numbers you listed. What you have must be even older than my antiques. You will be much better off if you upgraded to something more modern. You can replace most any motion controller with a controllogix processor and it's analog motion control card(s).

Paul C.
How to set Transducer Counts/Mtr Rev and Motor type for Drive/Motor 1394 configuration in GML 3.9.1 (IMC 1394 S Class Compact,4100-234-RL)? The motor is Lenze MCA21X17 with 2048PPR TTL Encoder (A,A not,B,B not and Z,Z not).
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