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Is there a more accurate way to get the totalizer value? I trended the m3/Hr for half an hour and it never dropped below 30 m3/Hr. I ran a test to see if my totalizer would be close to the average m3/Hr and it was off by quite a bit. For a 30 minute test the totalizer read 13.1 cubes.

Being that the trended m3/Hr shows it never dropping below 30 m3/Hr and ran an average of 31.3 m3/Hr the number over a 30 minute test should be closer to 15.5 cubes. Right now all I have is a continuous running TON timer preset to .1000. That TON timers's .Dn bit is actuating a ONS that's adding the m3/second to itself and storing it as a totalizer value.

Is it the PLC scan time causing this or did I program this wrong?

Edit ** the routine I'm using to house this logic is in a 100ms cyclic task, should I be using a 1 second cyclic task for this totalizer?
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