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GE Profinet DCP Scan Tool can't get responses from Rx3i PNS001 modules


I have a question regarding the profinet setup would like to ask the experts in this forum. I'm trying to set up the names and IP addresses for the GE Rx3i PNS001 Profinet modules using the Profinet DCP Tool included in the Proficy ME 9.5 installation package. The IP address and subnet mask all set on my laptop, cat5 ethernet cable connected between the laptop and one of the ethernet ports of the PNS001 module.

1. Run Proficy ME as administrator, open the Profinet DCP tool from Utilities tab in Proficy ME, select the local network adapter and refresh device list -> I got this notification: "DCP discovery request sent, but no responses received". The DCP tool screen shows nothing.
2. Run the DCP Tool as administrator from Start Menu -> Proficy -> Profinet DCP Scan Tool -> got the same notification.
3. Use ARP table to set up IP address based on the MAC address of the module -> can't set.
4. Add exception rules for Proficy ME and Profinet DCP Tool to the Windows Firewall -> still can't make the tool to discover the module.

My laptop is running with Windows 7, Proficy ME 9.5 SIM 9. Can anyone please provide any suggestions ? Thank you and Regards.
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