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IS your PC Ethernet cable connected to the same Lan as Profinet?
Is your Profinet cable also plugged into the correct Profinet port on PNS001?
What other devices are on your Profinet Lan?
Did you also try the "Start>Proficy>Machine Edition>Profinet DCP Scan Tool"

What CPU are you using? I am assuming it is a standalone CPU with a Profinet Controller built in, because the PSN001 is a Scanner.
If you have CPU in rack then you need PNC001 controller.

From manuals for PNS001 and PNC001.

"The PACSystems* RX3i PROFINET Scanner module, IC695PNS001 or PNS001, connects a remote universal RX3i I/O rack of Series 90-30 or RX3i modules to a PROFINET I/O Controller. The PROFINET Scanner scans the modules in its rack, retrieving input data and providing output data, and exchanges that data on the PROFINET I/O LAN at the configured production rate."

"The PACSystems* RX3i PROFINET Controller module, IC695PNC001 or PNC001, connects a PACSystems RX3i controller to a high-speed PROFINET local area network. It enables the RX3i controller to communicate with I/O devices on the LAN."
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