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Originally Posted by OkiePC View Post
I tried to set up RSLinx and FTView Studio in XP Mode and RSLinx can only see one device on our controls lan. I tried two different methods of mapping the virtual NIC and had no luck getting RSLinx to work correctly inside the virtual PC. I have no idea why one point I/O adapter shows up and nothing else...My other goal was to use the Crimson 3 emulator which does work, except it can't "talk" through the real NIC either.

My IT guy is supposed to get me an XP license so I can use VMWare for FTView.

As for the Emulate problem, I think it is what Ken Roach said. They took the driver away in version 2.59 of RSLinx.
I'll have to look at RSLinx 2.59.
What processor do you have? It may not support virtulization or its turned off in the BIOS. I have a i7 860 which does support virtulization and I can see everything through XP mode but then I also have a i7 2600K which does not support virtulization so I can only see some things through XP mode kinda like what your experiencing.
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