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I have two (older) brothers. One is an accountant, the other is an electrician. I just couldn't see myself wearing a suit to work everyday...

So I applied for electrical apprenticeships.

I also have a sister that worked as a computer programmer in the early days of computers (remember "Mainframe" computers?)

Once I started working, I realised that there was always something else to learn. I came across industrial electricians that were all "electricians", but some seemed to be more skilled and knowledgeable than others.

I was always worried about keeping my job, and being employable in the future, so I took any opportunity that I had to learn something new. I also took some small risks in changing jobs to learn new skills. Additionally, I was also lucky when asked by a friend to do some teaching duties at a local college while I was still quite young (around 28).

It has taken some time to find some job satisfaction - I have been in my present job for 12 years, but before this job I didn't stay longer than 3-5 years in one role.

In my present job I do electrical CAD & design, PLC/HMI/SCADA programming, setting up drives, instruments and anything else that I am asked to do... so I have a fair variety of work, NOT just PLC's.

I have worked in maintenance roles where the electrician's job is only to fix breakdowns - I found this boring waiting for stuff to happen - so much better in my role today where there is always something to do..
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