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Anyone know Creonics?

I have a Creonics issue here, but don't know where to turn. We have a feeder with a 2 axis motion control board made by Creonics. (only using one axis in this machine.) Over the years, we have had to have a board rebooted and/or reprogrammed by the machine mfg due to the watchdog light not coming back on, way too many times. The mfg has been very vague in explaining why this happens and the only resolve is to send them the bad board and $400 (now $460) to have it rebooted. We have done everything they have suggested with filters, isolation transformers and shielding, yet one of these boards still dies for no appearent reason. (Feb/05, June/05, now Nov/05 are the 3 most recent). Prior to this year, the issue has been quiet for about 2.5 years. All in all, these 2 boards have been rebooted probably at least 10 times each over the years.

If any one has any idea what might cause the watchdog light to go out and need rebooting, what is needed to hook up to the board to reset fault(s), where info can be found and/or other info, I'd much appreciate such.

There are 3 boards stacked together. The bottom (main?) board is part number "PC-121-0598". The next board (Thumbwheel expansion) is a "PC-132-0989".

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