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Question help me for Scada to plc communication

I have Mitsubishi FX2n 64-MR-DS plc and SCADA mx32 (HMI) System. I am using this system for a hotel to monitor our hotel water tang levels and water feeding pump status. My plc is working clearly (controlling pumps, checking water pressure, running pumps automatically…) . But the plc not communicating with SCADA monitoring system(HMI). I connected plc to scada with RS 232 cable (fx232c CAB-1 .3 Meter) cable. I have other plc fx2n 80mr-ds, I connect this plc instead of 64, it is working normally. Can you tell me were is my fault? I have new fx2n 64 plc, this is also not communicating with SCADA please advice me witch configuration I have to check? how I can take a back up from my working plc with same port settings and restore to anew plc ? I used MELSEC MEDOC FX/WIN to read and write to plc.
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