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Yes, in a way that you are thinking, you must have been taught electronics! A sinking device in the field is like an open collector output device so it needs a collector load and +Vcc hence 3 wire sinking positive reference. (Sinking devices can also be open emmiter, 3 wire negative reference)
A sourcing device is an H biased transister circuit that has it's own internal load and power supply (Vcc/Vee ie. 4 wire) and the signal is "a produced" output whether you connect a load (I/O card) or not!
Now back to the positive or negative references...
Nothing more than open collector for positive reference and open emmiter for negative reference. The device still needs one of the reference voltages (+ or-)to complete the field devices' internal circuitry.
The analog current input cares nothing about the field devices current signal except that it must flow through the terminals of the input card.
Now on to single ended or differential inputs...
Are you ready yaba?
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