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maybe this will get you started ...

Iím assuming (gosh I hate that word) that youíre using an Allen-Bradley system ...

this is the best explanation Iíve ever seen ...

SLC Instruction Set Reference Manual

take a look at page F-6 [Adobe Reader page 608 of 648] ...

the individual bits are not normally viewable ... but ... if you want to examine the bits in the floating point location ... try using the COP instruction to copy the floating point value into two consecutive integer words ... itís been quite awhile since I tried this but if I remember correctly, it will reveal the bit pattern for you ...

Peter Nachtwey is one of the best resources around for topics like this ... maybe heíll drop by and answer any specific questions that you might have ... if you want ďhow toĒ help on your HMI, etc. then youíll get better responses if youíll post again and tell us what system youíre using ...

2-B ?
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