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Originally Posted by John Morris View Post
My question should have been

Would {Alarms_Motors(0).1} having a trigger value of 2
Conflict with {Alarm_Motors(1).1}having a trigger value of 2
Or are the separated by the dimension
I see Aabeck answered your question but I wanted to make sure you understand that Alarms_Motors[0].1 will never have a value of 2 Just like Alarms_Motors[0].27 will never be equal to 28 only 1 or 0.

To use those values then your Trigger should be set up like this. Trigger Type should be set to Bit.
Alarm Motors.PNG

Your Message file would look like this.
Alarm Motors1.PNG

If you use {[ShortCut]Alarm_Motors[0].1 then the trigger value will have to be 1 to show the alarm message not 2.

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