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Controllogix processor tag names changed problem

HI all.
We have found a weird issue with our 1756-L72 controllogix processor.

After it was opened the other day and closed, (we guess this is when it happened because of the automatic backup timestamp) the local data tag names changed for some reason. and example is BR1:11:1.Data.1 became BR1:11:1.point_1.
the tag also does not show the description linked to it. The system is all running fine with no errors which is even weirder as some remote devices get information and still work.

When we open our saved project file everything is fine, but when we go online we are prompted to upload due to program differences and and this is when we see the difference. We are going to download the original back into the processor on Saturday.

I am unsure if this is actually in the processor or something in my studio 5000.

I have attached images to show what I mean

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