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The top board says:
Allen Bradley CO 1991 Creonics, PC-643-0891, EAA with enc loss.

Second board:
Copyright 1988, Creonics Inc.
PC-132-0989 Rev A,
Thumbwheel expansion.

Bottom board:
Copyright 1987, Creonics inc., PC-121-0588 Rev A, SAM-EX MCC

Only because I'm suspicious of things I can not see, I sometimes wonder if they programmed in something to shut it down or forgot to program in something to prevent something mike a counter or math regester from over flowing.

One person at the mfg says they have someone else reprogram the board. Another told me on the last one that they do it and that they can not tell me how to reset the board because they have to burn into the eeprom. Odly enough, these boards come back with the last set length still in them, Tells me that the program is not lost, at least entirely. I know I could easily demo such behavour with one one of our SLC500 here, just that I'd have a flashing a CPU fault indicator instead of turning off the watch dog light.

I also have been wondering, seeimg the last guy told me they burn the eeprom, why these 2 Creonics cards can not be rebooted each time at power up from the eeprom, like my SCLs do in some cases. Only thing changed for settings in the Creonics, is the length.

You mentioned GML and ??? and hooking up to your Max boards. Is there anything there that I can handle or acquire? The mfg of this machine was going to set us up with a cable and software and assistance, so that I could reboot these in house, then after about 3 more boards ($1200), backed out with the story that someone else does that programming for them. To begin with, they tried to scare me off with DOS based software stories, but I'm not too unfamilliar with DOS. (I didn't let that go of that until Win 95 was out and use DOS regurlarly to this day.)

(Okie, check for a PM from me.)


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