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Well, I found my Creonics files including SAMLINK and EASYMCL. SAMLINK is a file upload/download program. EASYMCL is the editor for creating motion programs. Unfortunately the help file for EASYMCL doesn't include a list of the available commands, so it looks like you'll need to get your hands on the manual for the unit you have. If you can get the manuals for your motion controller and it uses the Creonics MCL language, then these programs may be of some help to you. If so, I'll be happy to send you a copy. My recollection is that you didn't have to purchase the software. It was included when you bought the controller.

Of course, your problem may not be in the motion controller. It might be in the amplifier (drive) portion. If that is the case, you may have no recourse but to continue to send it back to the factory to be reset.

The application I mentioned was installed at Appleton Papers back in 1988. It was on their folio sheeter for carbonless paper. I have no idea if they are still using the machine, and if so, if it still has the Creonics motion controllers. I haven't had any communication with them for at least ten years, maybe longer. The last contact I had was with a guy named Kevin Sargalis. Kevin worked with me at the company that built the machine and eventually took a position with Appleton Papers. It may be worth making a few phone calls to Appleton Papers to see if their maintenance peole have any documentation on Creonics motion controllers of the same vintage as yours. Good luck.
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