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1734-ADN with IB8/OB8 to 1756-DNB

Hi everybody,

I have with me the following:
1. 1756-L73S controller + 55L7SP safety partner
2. 1756-ENBT
3. 1756-DNB
3a. 1791DS-IB8XOB8
3b. 1734-ADN
3b.i. 1734-IB8
3.b.ii. 1734-OB8
I want to be able create tags for the 1734-IB8 and 1734-OB8 I/O modules so I can program the buttons that are wired in our circuit to these. I've gotten as far as to get steady green LED's on all my modules but only see Local:3:S/I/O and the I/O from the CompactBlock module.
What do I need to do?

These are the steps I've already taken:
- I've added Modules 1~3a to my I/O config in RSLogix5000.
- I've created a .dnt for the Subnet called "ADN Network.dnt".
- I've created a .dnt for the DeviceNetin "1756-DNB Network".
- I've clicked on the 1734-ADN module properties and associated the module with "ADN Network.dnt"
- I've then gone into RSLogix5000 and given the path for "ADN Network.dnt" as the DeviceNet file for the 1756-DNB module to link it to the ADN + its I/O.

Thanks and best regards.

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