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The best flow chart is the one that ends in its own deletion. The only fathomable reason these cockroaches persist is that their nesting environment (the university curated by those that don’t participate in the real world) continues to output graduates that bring them to bear... initially.

I despise flow charts. Nothing else than one of these abominations breeds poor documentation, indecision, confusion, poor programming, hard-coded programming, hack jobs, fudge jobs, software bugs, deep magic, and general BS. Well, perhaps a flow chart spanning more than one page.

State machines are predictable, finite, easy to document, and far easier to implement. They’re also infinitely scalable via nested machines (within memory limits of course). PackML / IS88 is a model you can consider (and should at least study) if you’re trying to generalize your approach. The state model is unidirectional but unused states can be configured as such. A shortcoming is the potential for idle code in the finished product, but IMO this is more than outweighed by gains. Machine-to-machine interfaces are also far more meaningful.
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