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Originally Posted by Paullys50 View Post
I've become dependent on UML Sequence diagrams. I find they make it very easy to outline sequences and interactions that occur within the PLC as well external to the PLC such as PLC to PLC, PLC to SCADA, SCADA to DB, process interactions...etc without much of a time commitment.

I'm using them to model at a high-level, they make it easy for me to document my thoughts as I breakdown a process and my colleagues and clients usually pickup the intentions fairly quickly from a simple diagram.

After I've flushed out the high-level concepts with UML and it's time to go deep then I'll switch to a sequential function chart which I just use Excel to document all the specifics, typically just do this for outlining PLC code then I can hand it over to someone to program if I need to.

Thanks, that was very helpful as it pretty much mirrors what I'm looking.
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