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Originally Posted by RogerF089
...How can I create a lock on a particular button not the whole screen with the password ?
Originally Posted by RogerF089
Guess I have to create a screen then lock it...
You're sort of on the right track, I reckon. This option might work for what you want -

Create a copy of the screen that the Push Button Object is already on. We'll name it "Secure PB Screen".

On the original screen, let's call it "Goto Secure PB Screen", change the Push Button Object to a Goto Button Object of the same size. If the Push Button Object has any text applied, then apply the same text to the new Goto Button Object so that they both look the same. This can be done via the Text Editor. Point the Goto Button Object to the new "Secure PB Screen".

Under Application Settings > Security, set "Security Mode" to "Screen", if not already. As a by the way, I like to set the "Unprivileged Operator Name" to "DEFAULT", but that is not absolutely necessary. Go to the "Operators" tab and set the Name and Password of your choosing for the User, if not already assigned. Go to the "Secured Screens Info" tab and set "Secured" active for the new "Secure PB Screen". Then also set active the User of your choosing from the "Operators" tab that must have privileges to access this screen.

Note: You do not need set "Goto Secure PB Screen" as "Secured".

What should happen at runtime...

When you navigate to the original "Goto Secure PB Screen", everything will look the same and the Push Button Object will appear to be available as before, except now it is a Goto Button Object. The User may attempt to press the Push Button Object but instead will be attempting to navigate to "Secure PB Screen". Because it is Secured, the User should be prompted to enter the required credentials to access the screen. Once logged in, and privileges have been assigned, they will then be taken to the "Secure PB Screen". The Push Button Object will still appear to be available as before, except now it actually is. The User may then proceed to activate the Push Button Object and execute its function.

When the User navigates away from the Secured screen to an Unsecured screen, the privileges are revoked. If the User once again navigates to the "Goto Secure PB Screen", they may again press the proxy Push Button Object, and will again have to re-enter their credentials to access the "Secure PB Screen".

You could try that and, if it works, see does it meet your needs?

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