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What are you going to replace it with? Upgrade it?

If you intend to troubleshoot the Max Control, you will need the correct programming software and the original application.

The units I worked with were programmed using a DOS program called Accel. Some later firmwares allowed programming using early versions of GML (after Allen Bradley took over).

THe last time I needed a manual, I was able to get it from an Allen-Bradley support technician. It was not on their knowbase or anywhere on the web, but the guy emailed it to me after a lengthy phone call.

That was at my previous employer, so I don't still have a copy.

I do know that the old books have been scanned into .pdf files and you can get them if you can get ahold of the right people on the phone.

Creonics motion controllers were very reliable, just not too easy to troubleshoot. The eventually evolved into the Allen-Bradley S-Class motion controllers which were much less reliable, but much more user friendly.

About the only problems we ever had were power supplies and motors/cables. Once in a great while the app would get corrupted if we didn't have the memory protect jumper correctly installed.

Wish I could offer more help...

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