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I feel your pain....

I have had a Lexar 32GB (we bought a few) that decided to die one day, loaded up with loadsa backups...
Contacted the company, who said that they only sold us the hardware, no responsibility for the content (or loss of it).
I found a free tool on the web, that said it could recover my data, so I tried and the 32GB was multiplied a number of times...some files were obvious what they had been, other just no recovery possible.

Also had a USB stick from a supplier - fancy one in the shape of an MDF Press that they manufacture. Thing is about 3 inches long. Used that a couple of times in my laptop, but never noticed that it broke my only USB3 port - the blue plastic got stuck in the USB now my USB3 port does not work..have to think about getting a second hand motherboard to replace said hardware...
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