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Mr B do you have a plc close by with 2 spare analog out and one analog in signals. If so you can use these to make A follow B.
It sound like all you need in this case is a little speed difference. If this is the case you can take the input from your pot and scale it for each drive then set your MIN and MAX speeds
in your drives. An example would be if you had a 12 bit input card your INPUT MAX = 0 OUTPUT MAX = 4095 SCALED MIN 0 SCALED MAX = 60
This would be for drive B. Then INPUT MAX = 0 OUTPUT MAX = 4095 SCALED MIN = 0 SCALED MAX = 54 this is for drive A. This should give you a 10% difference in drive speeds. Drive B you would set MIN hz to 0 and max hz to 60. Drive A you would set min hz to 0 and max to 54. This way you could scale and get what ever difference you wanted. There would have to be some strech or slip some where and there must be because if there wasn`t it would drive you crazy doing it manually and on the other hand this maybe the case??
Oh well good luck.
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