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What else would I do? I am an engineer to the bone. I like the engineering challenges but I also like winning projects from my competitors. Some of it is marketing. I am in Japan now. Been to Toyota, Mazada, UBE, and others.

I could have retired long ago bit there is too much fight left in me.

I have algorithms and things waiting to be implement into our controllers that will probably never be implemented while I am still able to work or alive. Sometimes I go to work and sit in my lazy boy recliner. Yes, I have a lazy boy recliner in my office. No one gives me **** because am the boss and they still haven't caught up with implement my algorithms.

Meanwhile I play in my office thinking of new stuff to figure out.
Sometimes I go crazy and figure out why
I can thank Norm D for that one.
Then I moved on to the Reimann zeta function.
Ok, I know it has nothing to do with motion control or PLCs.
Maybe I should try to figure out the answer to life the universe and everything. Quantum mechanics is a good start.
Deep thought took too long and failed.
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see...." Strawberry Fields Forever, John Lennon
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