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Modicon M221 problem

I have got a new Modicon M221 TM221CE16T controller, flashed to firmware version 1.10. I use MachineExpertBasic V1.0 programming environment (build 63163) for flashing and programming M221.
I connect to PLC via USB. The main issue is that it is impossible to switch on controller into RUN mode after loading the project. The Powerless mode status of the controller is constantly displayed. At the same time, controller is supplied by 24V DC external power.
And a message is always displayed: Unknown Stop Reason: {0}
On the PLC front panel the PWR LED is on, the RUN LED is flashing, the ERR LED is off.
External mode switch is in the RUN position. PLC projects online and offline are the same, but the RUN and STOP mode selection buttons are inactive. Turning off and then turning on a 24V power didn't make any effect.
The PLC IP address also there is also unable to set. In the PLC information window all network settings fields are empty in online.
I tried to connect to the PLC with the factory default IP address (based on the MAC address: 00-80-F4-0E-BA-AF), but without any success. On the PLC fron panel, the LEDs near the Ethernet socket didn't glow at all, i.e. PLC didn't not show any network activity.
Can you please tell how I can solve this problem?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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