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Originally Posted by ASF View Post
...Unloading from the array is a bit trickier. Normally when you're doing things like this, you're checking against the last 15 strings, not all the strings in the last 15 seconds. If you were doing the former, it's a piece of cake - each time you get a new string, you do a compare, unload the last (15th) string from the array, and add the new one in. But here, you're going to have to have some way of timestamping the values, and periodically checking to see if any have exceeded the 15-second "lifetime" and thus need removing.
If I am only keeping 15 seconds worth of strings in the array, then I don't need to timestamp them do I? Can't I just compare to the entire array? Can I reset the FFL back to the top of the stack/array every 15 seconds to accomplish this?
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