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ASCII code for Micrologix 1100

Hi Guys, i am reposting this beacuse I'm still having issues with the "READ" ARL or ARD instructions. I have a pdf of a program that I found on the Rockwell site that is slightly modified for the Write command but I can write fine. I would like to be able to read back commands that I just wrote to the device as well as solely just monitor certain ASCII data from the device. Cannot seem to read any ASCII from the device and not sure how to set up my string table for the reads. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello, I am working with a micrologix 1100 allen bradley plc and I need to send and receive ascii code to a sensor device. The syntax for the commands that the manufacture states are the following:

set:LO=xxxx -(to set the low speed)
set:HI=xxxx -(to set the high speed)
I can get this to work using an AWA write command with a ACN command by typing the (set:LO=) in my ST string file and loading the xxxx variable from an hmi into and interger file and using an AIC command.
it works pretty well.

What I am having problems with is how to read information from the sensor.


I am not certain how I can read these with and ARL or ARD instruction.. Or do i need to do something else. I will also need to convert it back to an integer file.

Thank you for your time!!!

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