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Besides the fact that I just got done troubleshooting an entire saltwater dispsoal site thatís being run by a floboss(total flow equivalent), this really put the icing on the cake for my night (and a rio panel losing power and resorting back to bootP) 8am - 4am heading home now but the client refuses to upgrade firmware on controller. I explained to him that the time I was there I could have had the whole thing done but he is not an automation guy and refuses to move forward with technology (I am sure everyone whoís is a member here knows the type). So he is having a talk with some higher ups but regardless they absolutely need that program to extract certain data. I explained to him that I can get everything he needs from the devices themselves but there is no level of understanding.
If anyone happens to know a truck let me know please!
I did find a way to extract the program through some less than approved methods but it comes back as machine code, so if anyone has an idea how to convert that it would be awesome.
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