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OT - USB memory stick has suddenly died ...

pass me the crying towel please ...

I've got a little 4GB USB memory stick - Verbatim brand - that I've been using for several years without a hitch ...

now suddenly it's dead ... and NO, I did NOT just "pull it out" without the "Safely Remove Hardware" step ... it was working fine one minute - and the next time I plugged it in - well, not so good ...

I can read the name "STORE N GO" but that was always burned in from the manufacturer ... all of my stuff seems to be gone ...

yes, I do back this thing up from time-to-time - but not as often as I wish that I had ...

anyway - does anyone know of any super-geek recovery methods? ... I'll spend the next several hours of my life Googling like a madman - but this looks BAD ...

TIP: back up and save often - these things don't last forever ...
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