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PID simulated


After I read your post in here, I would like to learn about PID control.I have some "tools" as I was describe in below:
1) RSLogix 500 software
2) Processor SLC 5/04
3) 1746-NIO4V (2 chanel input, 2 channel output voltage)
4) 1746- IB16
5) 1746- OB16
6) Voltage regulator (0 - 10 VDC)
7) Voltmeter 0 - 10 VDC
8) Switches ON/OFF
9) Pilot lamp, etc.

Since I don't have the " real world" (like a valve, temperature source,etc)to practical the PID control, so that I would like to try with what I have.
Where I should start to learn about PID, anyone can help?
My apologize if my question is very basic for you.

Thanks in advance

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