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Forum post re-written on Russian PLC forum

They do it differently in Russia . . .

My post on a Russian controls forum was changed. And I didn't do it.

No damage to me personally, but it shocked me to see that what I wrote is NOT what is now in the post.

Some weeks ago, I discovered a Russian PLC controls forum, ************. My Russian isn't good enough to participate on the Russian threads, but there are a number of English posts, particularly in the sensor group.

On the Sensors group there was a request for the latest version a manufacturer's configuration software. The software version in question is now publicly available software, formerly sold, but now distributed without restriction, and I have a copy.

I posted the 3rd post to the thread about 10 days ago, noting that the file was ~23 Mb in size and inquired as to whether the forum could host the file, because I couldn't find a means to upload the file to the site itself.

I'd been out of town in the interim, hadn't kept track of goings-on until last night when I read an email message informing me that I had a private message on that forum, which asked me to post the file to RapidShare, a temporary, free, public file hosting web service.

So, I uploaded the software and a patch file to Rapidshare and posted the 5th post on the thread with the links to Rapidshare. In that post, I also noted the restrictions of Rapidshare: a total of 10 downloads over 90 days.

I logged into the Russian site this morning and much to my surprise, the thread is now only 3 posts long, not the 5 posts from last night. My 10-day-ago post disappeared entirely and last night's post was entirely re-written. It now has a single rapidshare link (rather than my two links) AND a link to another file hosting site (a .ru domain) AND my note on RapidShare's limitations disappeared. Also, the title of the thread was changed, adding the later version number of the sofware.

I guess they do things differently in Russia. Admittedly, the thread is now 'cleaner', but it isn't what was posted historically. Rather than adding a post with a new link to the software on another file hosting site, mine post was entirely re-written.

I'm curious as to whether anyone else has ever encountered the re-writing of forum posts?

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