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Originally Posted by mylespetro View Post
We've had to have certification companies come in and do an inspection for machines from Europe. They essentially come in and do a checklist and then give you a list of deficiencies that you need to address for them to give the CSA certification.

Just as a side note, we've had varying experiences with the inspectors, ranging from "once you address the deficiencies I have to come back and do another inspection before giving the CSA certification" to "I'm going to give the CSA certification now on the condition that you do address the deficiencies and send me photos/documentation once they are complete." In my experience, it's also not cheap to have them come in, sitting at around $5000 per trip. This is why it's nice when they don't require another trip out to inspect the deficiencies.
I'll 2nd that. It depends on who you get and it is not cheap, but it is cheapER if you happen to have a CSA facility in your town that you can take it to as opposed to them doing a field trip..

CE certification basically means nothing here in North America.
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