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We do this all the time - the only issues we ran across were some specific modules on some of the Rockwell IO platforms require very specific configuration information - from memory, some of the serial port slice-modules. These are quite difficult work with due to the lack of information. I believe I was able to get them going from information in the Rockwell knowledge base, but it still wasn't fun. But all the other stuff - digital, analog, drives, has always been more or less fine.

One point, though - SLC500 series do not support class 1 EtherNet/IP IO communications, so not sure what the Flex devices you have will support as far as EIP. The Schneider devices will do Class 1 as well as explicit messaging, but I find the class 1 FAR easier to setup and manage. If they have EtherNet/IP devices now, are they using explicit messaging to the assembly instances? It's possible to do this, but not what is intended. So a changeout to a PLC platform that can do IO messaging might seem like a dream compared to the work required to manage explicit messages.

Which platform of Schneider are you planning on going to? The new M580 looks great, just waiting to be able to get one in the shop to try it.
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