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Originally Posted by damica1 View Post
Here's how I would probably approach this. Most of the Flow meters that I work with have a build in pulse per gallon(this is programmable). So I may have this flow meter setup to pulse ever 1000 gallons or 100 gallons or even 10,000 gallons. I then just count the pulses over a set period of time let's say 1 hour, so if I get 37 pulses over that hour and I have the flow meter set at 1 pulse equals 100 gallons I would times 37 by 100 and that would give 3700 gallon over that hour.

Thats how we would probably do it.
Depending on the flowmeter, it can be an additional cost to get the pulse signal. But this is the way to go... even better is if you have a frequency counter input in your plc in which case you don't have to worry about missing a pulse or anything like that.
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