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Originally Posted by timalg View Post
Dear friends
i am new with prosoft i have a project
transfer data from allen bradley to DCS throw MVI56-MCM .please can you help me
and explain to me all the steps and configuration to do.

I can help with part of this. But it is nowhere near 'all the steps and configuration'. You will need to do some reading, maybe take a training course or two, depending on your experience with the PLC and the DeltaV. I'm not great at explaining stuff. But others could chime in and assist with the details.

When we installed ControlLogix and DeltaV in 2003 the only option available to transfer data between was serial. We use Ethernet and VIM cards now.

The Prosoft MVI56-MCM is a master modbus card with 2 channels. You'd set it up as a slave using the excellent example code that Prosoft supplies. Find out how many registers you need to transfer, then figure out how many 'blocks' that will require to transfer the data to and from the prosoft card, and set up the PLC code required. I would add 2 extra blocks and the modbus registers to support them as spares since it is common to add more data once the system works.

The Prosoft card uses Modbus serial protocol, and that references registers that are addressed 40001 - 47999 (last time I looked). So you take the tags from the Allen Bradley PLC (From the model number it sounds like you are using a ControlLogix) and send them to the Prosoft card, specifying which registers to copy them into. The example Prosot code explains that pretty well.

We used array tags, since it was easy to transfer them by specifying the starting address and the length.

On the DeltaV side you need to use a serial card, which I think needs to be right beside the controller. The serial cards have 2 serial channels as well. Then you set up datasets, or groups of tags, on the DeltaV side. We used one module per dataset to split up the code a bit.

The datasets are assigned to the serial channels for read or write or both. I don't remember how many datasets fit into a serial card. The datasets can be .. maybe 125 registers on the DeltaV side? I don't remember. We used 100 registers per dataset to make the numbering easier for us to understand.

You can set the baud rate up as high as 115,200 baud on the Prosoft and on the DeltaV side.

Someone else took care of the DeltaV configuration so I know little about that side.

Hope that helps!
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