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Where to start as a PLC NOOB!?

Hi all, noobie here to plctalk!

I currently work as a robot programmer/operator, I program a ABB IRC5.15 linishing/polishing robot and a CLOOS welding robot, I mainly create the programs using the pendant/controller as robot studio hasn't been fit for purpose.

I am due to move to a new company next week, as I would like to further my career and delve deeper into programming, the new company is a food manufacturer and they have employed me to optimise production by automating a lot of their processes as there is a lot of manual work going on there. I'm really excited to start the job and I want to give a good first impression.

In the interview I was told they are looking at getting a couple of robots at some point next year and quite soon machinery like palletisers, box cutters, conveyer belts etc which will need programming, safe guarding etc.

PLC programming will be required, my PLC knowledge is very basic and I only know what I have seen on the robots, but never had the opportunity to learn it properly, my question to you guys is.. is there any programs I can download with tutorials, or any good videos or articles etc? I have tried downloading GX developer as it was recommended by an engineer at work but I cannot find a version to download, ANY information is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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