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Originally Posted by stu View Post
Hi Pete thanks for that info
That's what I was thinking have info for the operator and then a service page for the engineers.
I/O info would help ? Do you think individual virtual lamps for i/o or Aoi ??

Yes, individual virtual lamps for the I/O and show analog I/O in engineering units, % or mA. Whatever makes the most sense.

The goal should be to be able to provide enough information to diagnose any error with just the electrical schematics, a multimeter and the HMI.

99% of all errors are sensors in the field, so many times just being able to view the status of the sensor is a big help and speeds up the troubleshooting. It's also a way to see if the I/O works because if you measure say 24V at the input but the PLC shows that it is 0 then you know the I/O is probably faulty.

I usually make flowcharts for complex sequences as part of the documentation for the programming, but they are intended primarily for anyone that needs to do changes to the sequences and not for troubleshooting.

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