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Originally Posted by Scorpip
Funny... I have had the same problem and have not found any fix...

Model Number

I even found info on the wonderful Knowledge base on Rockwells site.


(Notice the dates last updated)

Yeah, I saw those too, but we weren't using embedded variables, bargraphs, alarms, etc

A-B tech support did take a look at our PanelView file and couldn't find anything we were doing wrong.

Originally Posted by Scorpip

Jumping to Panel View Plus is an easy solution. GREAT then please give me the same unit as I have in the Panel View Plus Version. (for the same money) Also, please give me the software to program Panel View Plus. LOLů.
I'd recommend you stop wasting your time trying to fix an A-B problem. Start chewing on people's ears at the distributors and A-B. Ask for a old unit from the repair hub. They were able to give us a repaired unit from an old revision prior to the problematic ROHS change.


edit -- Don't miss this thread:

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