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I went for an interview for a mainly plc programmer (other stuff too but mainly to program the machines they made)
During the interview in which they had the company programmer present (He was soon to retire) They gave me a plc program printout of one of their machines that he had done.
It was about 80 pages or more long and for a Toshiba plc that I hadn't done much with.

It was poorly done and with hardly any comments or notes.

They asked me to explain how it worked.

I studied a few pages and mentioned it was badly commented and it would be guesswork on a lot of it.
I came across lines that once activated could never be reset and a lot of code that could be tightened and tidied up.

Each time I mentioned the bad things the programmer shook his head at my interviewer to say I was wrong.

I went through it telling them what each part did and also said I could have no idea what this bit was for as it made no sense. He never offered the reason he had done it like that.

I could tell after a while that the looks the programmer was giving the boss were working as he was nodding back.
I even drew some revisions on the printout to show how it would be better, easier understandable and more compact.
Realising my chances of this job were slipping away through ignorance I told the boss I could do a much better job than the programmer they had.

The boss immediately said OK, interview terminated and they got up and left.
I promise to get it right 3rd time every time.
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