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Originally Posted by Aabeck View Post
I think it would be possible.

The ABZ outputs of encoders are a voltage signal, as long as 3 sensors drawing power don't overpower the encoder output it should be fine.
Our customers do this all the time. The potential problem is with the encoder inputs. Usually there is a terminating resistor in the sensor. The encoder can probably drive 1 encoder but not 3 because the terminating resistors would be in parallel therefore 1/3 of the normal terminating resistance. Look at the documentation for the encoder inputs to see if there is an option to disable the terminating resistor except on the last encoder input.

In our case the encoder input is RS-422 with a 120 ohm impedance. However, it can be configured to have a 90K ohm impedance when daisy chaining motion controllers to a single encoder.
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